Saturday, December 26, 2009

Truly the BEST Christmas ever!!... BY FAR!

Al-righty let's talk christmas.

Well, on Christmas day I woke to the ANNOYING sound of someone screaming, from the T.V. that is. I moseyed my-self to the living room to hear the movie Uncle Buck, BLASTING!! My dad's idea! Not a good one. So while my brother slept in just a little, I opened my stocking, And I was amazed to see what I got. I got A RE-USEABLE water-bottle, gum, beef Jerky, A magazine, hair clips... The others I can't remember. So then I woke up my brother. and he opened his stocking, and then we went to the living room to open the presents under the tree. I got a large Bouncy-ball with glitter in it, a New Moon calender, a skirt, and a long-sleeve shirt with a black cami with lace at the bottom of it. A jacket*SNIF, SNIF* That didn't fit but was really cute!

BBBUUUT!!!!!........ THE BEST PRESENT OF ALL WAS....... I got to talk to my brother who now is on a mission in Brazil... I got to talk to him for like 15-20 min total.. But it is OK.. No biggie.. I missed hearing his voice, I cried when we actually got through to him. and when he actually got to talk to me! It was SOOO heart-warming to hear his voice!

I will post pictures later.... Promise!!

Happy Holidays!!! ;~)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Finals& A meet....

Yup you heard that right.. I have my first meet on Sat. - Tomorrow.. And it is just figures and I can't wait! And this week we had finals at my school. It was OK, but I hate test taking... But i thought that I did good. 

Wish Me luck on my meet I will see if I can take some pictures of it!! 


HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Found It!

Ok so I am totally stoaked about this.!!! I finally  Found the REAL Bella's lullaby. I was SO excited it is #1 on the playlist at the bottom and #2 is not the real one but I sometimes think that it is better than #1! 

OK, So I promised Zack, (my brother, who is on a mission,) that I would play #1 for him when he gets home cuz he was like obsessed with learning it but we didn't get to it! So Maybe for Christmas I will get a book with the real notes! Cuz I am teaching myself just by listening to ti and for writing the notes on the piano with the help of Dry-Erase Markers so right now I am up to 20 notes and I have MANY more to go! Wish me luck...

Sunday, November 29, 2009


So Sorry!! I meant to say "How"!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

"How Many More,Mom? "

Well, today was the annual Swim-a- thon. And it about getting people to pledge you for the amount of laps that you do..... So, I swam 200 Laps, ( Which was the Maximum laps that you could swim.) Well, I did 202 really but most of the time I focoused on my laps and every so-often I would ask mom how many I had left, or hoe many I had done.. I was SO proud of my-self even though I knew that I could do it!  

P.S.  Fins are not reccomended for people who have fat/wide feet!!

P.S.S. Pedicures are the BOMB right after swimming at-least a mile in fins!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Well, I don't have much to say about this, but it is pretty self-explanitory... So On Tuesday the 17 I believe. During 1st hour-in which is P.E., we were playing flag football, And I was running foe the girl who had the ball and all of the sudden some one steps on the heel of my foot..... And I fell in the DEAD, CRUNCHY, and DRY grass and right away I knew that something was wrong... Well, I scratched up my knee REALLY bad and it was bleeding pretty bad too!! 

That just about sums-up my week and guess what!!!??...... I SAW NEW MOON!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVED IT!!! I know Nancy, I started to watch Twilight right before I left, so I need to come over and we can watch it together!!! I am totally a team Edward fan, NOT Jacob AT ALL! 

I will post a picture of my knee tomorrow or when I get a chance to!!  

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Date to remember!!

Well, today is my cousin London's 11th B-Day and most of you know that She died of cancer-in 2005 and I was just thinking... What we could have done if she was still alive! Oh the places that we  COULD'VE  gone! Sorry that I don't have a picture of her!!! I was SO bummed too!!! She was like my little sister!!!  

WE LOVE YOU LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Busy,Busy Bee!

Hey, sorry that I haven't posted in a while, but like it says up there I am a busy! Weeelll, my week was pretty typical, just school, swimming, and homework! It doesn't get more complicated than that! Oh, yeah on Vet. Day I just chilled out enjoying the little break that I had but then at 4:30 I had to go to practice, but I liked it... Well, I would just like to thank all of the Vet.'s that are out there and thank you for fighting in our Country and keeping all of us safe!!! 


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cabin Retreat!

Okay, well, I know that I haven't updated in a while, but it is worth the try. 
Well, I went to my cabin with my synchro team! It was SO much fun and I loved every minute of it! I will give you the Deets' when I get the Pics. from a fried! 

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday...

Happy birthday!! This is my brother, Wyatt and today he is 17! I don't think that he looks 17 to me he looks WAY older! Her are some things that I love about my older younger brother!...

1. His willingness to take me places 
2. His love for me, and my family
3. His funny sense of Humor! 
4. That he is my brother and I love him no matter what!!!!

The list goes on and on but there are just a few!
Love ya Bro.! 

How old do you think my bro. is? even though he is 17!?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Can't wait!

I just can't wait for the Twilight Saga the next movie to come out! NEW MOON!! I completely ADORE the twilight books! And one of my Girl-friends and I are going to see the the movie together! I can't wait! At school they are selling tickets for the night before showing, but they are 15$ so I don't think that I will get them. I just can't wait an I CAN'T STOP WATCHING THE TRAILORS!!!!! I just love it that much! 

Tell, me what you guys think about the whole Twilight movies and so you think that you can wait for it to come out!!!????

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Okay, so you know how I was reading the Twilight series?!.... Well,I finished them all with-in about a month-in-a half!!!!! I was so proud of myself!!! I ab. ADORE the Twilight, series!! Here they are in order from Loved to Liked! 
1. Eclipse
2. Breaking Dawn
2 1/2. Twilight 
3. New Moon.

Tell Me your Fav's or not so Fav.!! 

Have a great week and I will most defanitly keep you people posted! 
OH.. I am re-reading them over and over!! 'Cause I love them so much!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hi There Every one I know that I haven't updated in a while,but here goes...
The pic. of me in the silver is like really bad but what else can you do on a Sat. night when the rest of your Fam. Is at a football game? Well, what I do is call my BFF, "older sister," type of person, Well, she is really my Aunt and we have the best of times together! As you can see these are all at her house. Since she had a baby we have been having the best of times together! And it was great before too!
But here sums up all of the fun times that we have had!
1. FINALLY getting to use the baby boujorn, with her darling son. And realizing that it really hurts your shoulders.!
2. Going on shopping trips that last for Hours! And realizing that the next day when your legs hurt and burn SO bad!!!;-)
3. BabySitting Her little boy and darling son Jack! Who is an like all of the pics. He has grown since then, but he is a cutie and amazes me EVERY day, that I see him!
4. Endless stops to the market which include: Wal-Mart, Bashas',and Costco,which is about it!
And one shopping trip that IWILL NEVER FORGET. The one time that we got a soda at one of the 3 stores that we go to together. I have to be the little rebel that I am and stick the soda can in-between the basket and the outside of the cart, and I think that you can figure out the rest... Well the Can slipped and spilt EVERYWHERE! And I felt SO bad because she told me not to do it, but I did..! What was I thinking??? Well, I don't know;-)
5. Your dogs!! I love Sandy the dog here-laying on me! She greets me with kisses and endless tail wags that hit me! She is a DOLL!
6. Having Jack laying on my stomach, and then I realize that I can't move my head and then when he wakes up. And realizing that I ow have a "Cinck" in my neck.

Thanks Nancy for being the person that I go to to come over on Sat. or just to have fun!!

Love you!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Twilight Series!!

Well, what can I say Nancy, and Shannon you inspired me on this one!!! WARNING THIS POST IS LONG!!! :-)
Ok well, from my perspective I entirely ADORE  the Twilight series!! 
Book 1. In the book Twilight this teenage girl, (Bella), Moves to Forks, Washington with her dad. And while going to Forks Middle school, on her first day, which was like in Dec. I think. And she realizes like this totally cute guy there at the school, (Edward, which she falls deeply in love with. But she doesn't know that he is a Vampire. Until he tells her. And in this book it is VERY suspenceful because there are bad Vampires going after her. And then one of the bad Vampires ands up getting to her. And obviously the "Super Hero" that Edward is he saves her, and that is like the end of the book. And their relationship is still going strong. And I think that this book is by far my #2 Fav. book. 
Book 2. At Bella's 19th Birthday she is opening one of her presents and she gets a Paper Cut. And one of Edward's brothers Jasper launches at Bella and Edward jumps and launches him across the room to save Bella. And then she realizes that she is in a room full of Ravenous vampires. And then Edward LEAVES!! He leaves because he doesn't want that to AVAR happen again. Then, Bella starts to fall in love with a WEREWOLF I know freaky right??OK to the ending now I will tell you that Edward OBVIOUSLY comes back. Well, Bella and Edward's little sister Alice, basicly have to save him because he is going to/trying to get him self killed. And they save him with litterely 2 seconds to spare. This book is full of suspence, Well ALL of the books do.

Book #3. Bella Graduates High school and Alice throws her a party and during the party Jacob comes along and as you know WereWolves and vampires don't get along very well. And all of Edward's family disappeares while Jacob is there until some bad news comes along that some bad Vamps. are coming to get Bella, and then The Werewolves, and the Vamps. join to defeat this army of bad Vamps. And they do that, but Bella witnesses Edward Be-Heades the Leader of bad Vamps.. IT IS TOTALLY COOL!!!

Book#4. Even tough I am not done with it I will tell you what happens. Well, Bella and Edward get married. And they go to Edward's Mom's Island "Isle Esme" is what it is called! And I don't think that it is necessicary to say the next part, but Bella is having a baby and that is where I am leaving you off at. I know it is sudden, but I am not that far into the 4th book! 

Correct me if I am wrong!! I know Shannon you better have something to say!!! 

GO TEAM EDWARD!!!! I HATE Jacob he is immature and he is a weird-o and though it is not his fault he kind-of breaks Bella's hand!!!      

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Monday!!

Just wanting to wish all of you out there a happy Monday!! And enjoy it and the fall weather that is coming our way!!! 

Nancy, you will have to help me out some time, because I don't know how to work this!!!:-) I am a first timer at this!  

Have a HAPPY Monday!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I am a first timer! So forgive me:-)

I now introduce the blog of ME!!! And my passion in which is synchronized swimming!!! 

Hope you enjoy!!