Saturday, December 26, 2009

Truly the BEST Christmas ever!!... BY FAR!

Al-righty let's talk christmas.

Well, on Christmas day I woke to the ANNOYING sound of someone screaming, from the T.V. that is. I moseyed my-self to the living room to hear the movie Uncle Buck, BLASTING!! My dad's idea! Not a good one. So while my brother slept in just a little, I opened my stocking, And I was amazed to see what I got. I got A RE-USEABLE water-bottle, gum, beef Jerky, A magazine, hair clips... The others I can't remember. So then I woke up my brother. and he opened his stocking, and then we went to the living room to open the presents under the tree. I got a large Bouncy-ball with glitter in it, a New Moon calender, a skirt, and a long-sleeve shirt with a black cami with lace at the bottom of it. A jacket*SNIF, SNIF* That didn't fit but was really cute!

BBBUUUT!!!!!........ THE BEST PRESENT OF ALL WAS....... I got to talk to my brother who now is on a mission in Brazil... I got to talk to him for like 15-20 min total.. But it is OK.. No biggie.. I missed hearing his voice, I cried when we actually got through to him. and when he actually got to talk to me! It was SOOO heart-warming to hear his voice!

I will post pictures later.... Promise!!

Happy Holidays!!! ;~)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Finals& A meet....

Yup you heard that right.. I have my first meet on Sat. - Tomorrow.. And it is just figures and I can't wait! And this week we had finals at my school. It was OK, but I hate test taking... But i thought that I did good. 

Wish Me luck on my meet I will see if I can take some pictures of it!! 


HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Found It!

Ok so I am totally stoaked about this.!!! I finally  Found the REAL Bella's lullaby. I was SO excited it is #1 on the playlist at the bottom and #2 is not the real one but I sometimes think that it is better than #1! 

OK, So I promised Zack, (my brother, who is on a mission,) that I would play #1 for him when he gets home cuz he was like obsessed with learning it but we didn't get to it! So Maybe for Christmas I will get a book with the real notes! Cuz I am teaching myself just by listening to ti and for writing the notes on the piano with the help of Dry-Erase Markers so right now I am up to 20 notes and I have MANY more to go! Wish me luck...