Saturday, June 12, 2010


Well, to start it off.. HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE!! I hope you have a good one. My summer has been going pretty well. But on the 10th I had a swim meet. And it was the first one of the summer season... I did okay. I guess.. In the individual race I got 6th, but the coach put me in the first heat.. And for the girls relay I had to swim twice so I went 1st and last and we got 4th place in that. And then There was only 2 boys that showed up in the same age group as me, so I filled in for a spot and so did one of my other team mates. And we finished 2nd in that race! I was so bummed that I didn't get to swim up with the older girls... But I would have been pooped! Swimming three races in a row... Well all I can say is that I am mostly proud of myself..

2 More weeks till I go to NEW YORK!! Yay!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

If you think candy is sticky... look at this candy!

Here is the After... I didn't want to take the time and arrange the photos in the RIGHT order so here you go!
Clean hands.... I have man hands. Look at those veins!
Can you see the butter... What tiny remnants are left of it!
Sticky hands! what ever you do, don't look at the camera Michelle!

Well this fine Saturday night my dear friend Michelle and I were looking for something to do.... So my mum came up with this awesome idea of attempting to make taffy... Well It tasted AWESOME BUT..... Was very messy for the new beginners we were! But the butter did help Just a wee bit..... Here are some pictures! Thanks for a fun night! We need to try this again in a better way, though:)