Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nana's and Doughnuts!

2 Weeks ago we had the Solomon's over for dinner, and the weather was amazing and so my dad pulled out a Kite and Brigg took up the opportunity to fly it !
For Memorial day we had a party at Nana's house and had some delecious food and swam as well! Midge is about to pop and ya I have no Idea what is up with her facial expressions!
The little cousins love going off of the diving board but hey needed someone to catch them, so I happily obliged to! That is Ella with Kate in the background!
And last week I made home-made doughnuts as you can see, they were Pumpkin , but you could hardly taste it! If you want the recipe just let me know it is really easy!
Dad and I enjoying the doughnuts! They were DE-LISH! Sorry for being so late! Synchro Season in back in full swing! And I didn't take that many more pics. But I will update more in a few... :)