Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meet. Braces. New Room! Meet. Braces. New Room!

Well to catch up on everything-- I had a meet on the 30th and the 31st and did pretty good on them: I got Third on team and 5th in trio. And that was our first meet of the year! So we did pretty good I do have to say so my-self!

Well I got my braces off on Tuesday Morning-- and they feel and look great I do have to say so my-self. I get my retainer tomorrow morning and I love eating all of the foods that I "couldn't" But now I can like eat anything :-) So happy.....!!!!!!

And for my birthday I gave up having a birthday to get my room re-done and to go see Mary Poppins on friday night! So here are some pictures for you!

So those are the pictures of my teeth and my " New Room!!" ENJOY!!!

The one of me in the Brown was the day I got them off the one when I was in the white was today!!!...