Friday, November 12, 2010

Long time.

Well hello people from afar! It has been more than a month since I last posted... whoops! Well today was a good day I guess you could say even though I didn't want to go to school... Well for veterans day I did NOT sleep in I spent most of my day at the veteran's day parade! wohhhoo! {sigh} But after that my mom and I went to Sauce and had some yummy salads! Then after that we went to the mall, and as our journey continues we went to the best place EVER... Costco! Oh boy does it feel good to finally have a full fridge AND freezer! So I will hopefully post some pic.'s later on in the week. And my amazing adventures at school :) and this year we are having Thanksgiving dinner at my house! so boo yaa! I will have to take some pictures of that even though not all of my family will be there. Oh, and I best not forget We finally filled our echo filled of a fron room with- get this LEATHER COUCHES A big one and a love seat I will post pics of those later too-(camera's dead) and we are just in the beginning stages of remaking our house beautiful! NEXT TASK- Re decorate Wyatt and Hannah's room with new accessories! wohoo for new things!

Tomorrow Is London's birthday, and I will miss her deeply so! I think that I will go around everywhere wearing that shirt with her picture on it! I would have had some great times with that beautiful little girl! I miss her! Well have a good one everyone that reads this.!

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  1. You've had quite a few days. We will all remember London tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder.